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Mental Wellness Center Advocacy Group (MWCAG)! Our team consists of Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Therapists, Forensic Psychology Consultants, Attorneys, and School Psychologists. Our advocacy group is dedicated to representing you and your child during all stages of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP), Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP), and 504 Plan. We will represent you whether this is the first interaction you may be having with the Child Study Team (CST) or it is the annual review of your child’s IEP, BIP, and 504 Plan. In all, we provide professional and expert representation who will assure that your child receives what resources they should be getting.


We will provide the following service:
 Unlimited advice and consultation via telephone or in person.
 Unlimited calls to and from school personnel.*
 Review of all documents from school district or school personnel.
 Provide professional advice and recommendations, after review of IEP, BIP, and 504 Plan.
 Communicate with school or district via telephone or via correspondence.
 Meet with Child Study Team for IEP meeting.
 Attend additional meetings with CST**or school personnel

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